I require a $150 non-refundable deposit for all sessions to secure your date/time. Invoice will be sent to your email via Paypal.

The purpose of the deposit is to lock-in your session. If you cancel last minute, I could have booked another client in that time frame. I do not schedule anything in my calendar UNTIL the deposit is paid, which means your time slot is up for grabs. Nothing is booked until the deposit is paid.

The remainder of your session fee is due 24hrs. before the shoot date.

Once the deposit has been paid, you will be emailed a digital PDF of my session contract, which you will be required to sign electronically and email back to me.

Only when the deposit is paid and the contract is signed/emailed back to me is your session officially booked and the date held for you!



If there happens to be crappy weather forecasted on the day of your shoot, or for some reason I get sick/something outside my control happens, I will contact you as early as possible for a reschedule date, which your deposit will go toward. However, if you cancel/do not show up to your session, your deposit will be lost.



You will receive the finished, edit files within 2 weeks of your session date.

They will be sent to your email via an online gallery called Pixieset, which is a free + easy to use site where you can download your high-res images using the provided PIN.

The download PIN expires within a week, so be sure to save your gallery to a computer ASAP!

I always encourage clients to back up their gallery as well, as I clear out old sessions every few months, and may not have them saved for you in the future.

Part of my job is selecting the BEST of the best images for your final gallery. This means you may not see every single shot I take at a session, for example: duplicates, out of focus images, shots where you are blinking, talking, unflattering angle, etc.

While the number of images you will receive is determined by what is included in the type of shoot you book, I have no reason to keep additional images from you that I think you would enjoy! If it’s not included in the final gallery, it has been discarded.

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