Spark Sessions with Samantha Jane

A unique mentoring experience that will ignite your creativity like never before.



These one-on-one sessions are designed specifically for those who want to grow in their photography skills and learn every aspect of my creative process, from start to finish. What makes Spark Sessions unique to other mentoring opportunities is that each session is custom curated around the things YOU want to learn!


Spark Sessions are not traditional mentoring sessions- nothing is off the table, and there are no “dumb” questions. We are ALL on this journey together, and the purpose of Spark Sessions is to empower, inspire and help YOU reach your potential!


Can you relate to any of the following?


+Did you just get your first camera and have no idea how to use it?


+Have you been doing photography as a hobby but want to take it to the next level, learn how to shoot manual mode, or improve your work?


+Want to learn how to start getting paying clients, or even better, how to attract your DREAM clients?


+Are you stumped when it comes to editing your images?


+Are you wondering how the heck to find good light any time of day, no matter where you are, and utilize it to make your photos something truly extraordinary?


+Does posing your model or client make you freeze up?


+Are you trying to figure out your personal style and aesthetic as an artist, and want to learn how to stand out and get out of your creative comfort zone?


+Would you love to have help navigating the often-confusing realm of pricing and what to charge?


+Wanting to get constructive/helpful criticism and feedback on your photos, website, or process?


+Interested in learning how to leverage Instagram and social media to attract clients and how to collaborate?


These topics and more can be covered in Spark Sessions with Samantha Jane, and YOU have full control over deciding which topics to focus on!



Spark Sessions are $900.

This one-on-one session ranges anywhere from 2-3 hours and includes:


-1-2 hours of discussion time including Q&A, goal setting, website and photo critique, etc. where YOU decide which topics we focus on


-a short styled shoot with a model so that you have the chance to watch how I shoot, pose, and direct during a session. You’ll also get an opportunity to shoot during this time, so you can practice what you’ve learned while also getting feedback and tips from me. (and you get to use the photos you take in your portfolio!)


-professional headshots of you, done by me, for use on your website, social media, etc!


-lots of laughs, coffee (always), inside jokes, and girl boss talk! Spark Sessions are relaxed and fun, and all about helping YOU grow and feel empowered to take the next step in your creative journey!


*LIMIT of 6 Spark Session will be held PER YEAR, so don’t wait to book your spot*


Mini Spark Session with Samantha Jane


This one-on-one, mini mentoring session is perfect for getting your questions answered, and I’m an open book!

Mini Spark Sessions are $350 and include:

-a 1hr meet up

-open discussion/brainstorming time about anything relating to photography, business, clients, pricing, work flow, etc! Any question you have is on the table, and i’ll also help you make plans and set goals for your business!

-a website/photo critique with tips on how to take your work to the next level

-the option to add-on professional headshots of you by me for an additional $75

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